Journey to the West by Ali Lukas

I was knowing, “Journey to the West” as tv series in the late 90s. The series aired on commercial broadcasting in my country. It was popular because the stories are light also narration from dubbing well delivered.

Even known as tv series, I found the value of becoming human: Wukong symbolizes a monkey who owned a powerful but calm to handle it. The Monk is a human character who has faith in what he believed and becoming a mentor of all three students (Wukong, Wujing, and Bajvie). He is a human who represents virtue and always shared it with all people he meets, although to an enemy. Wujing and Bajvie is the picture of loyalty, they all good student of The Monk, in same time full support for the goals of the journey, sending the holy book.

I have not read all “Journey to the West” original script, but I found the virtue from adventure watching it in tv series. Perhaps you can find virtue from your experience. In the modern era, humans with the digital century can discover their own virtue, even it’s from a youtube video, Reddit post, or something that internet and technological thing. Maybe nowadays people don’t have to make the journey to sending a holy to the temple in far far away. Evolution in all sectors, making humans have an alternative to find their virtue with all changes.

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